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Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm EST
say you have to build "ake" words. (quacks) um... "ake" words? "ake." that's the sound of the letters a, k and e. like in the word "snake." yeah, "ake," like in "snake." you just got to find a letter to add to the beginning of "ake" to make yourself a place to hide. here's one for you. bugs: awesome! and you. sweet! and you. an "ake" word? oh, don't worry, shark you'll be fine. okay, duck, if you say so. i'm going to close my eyes and count to 20. ready? others: ready! let's go! let's go. let's go! one, two, three... narrator: everyone ran off to build a word for their hiding spot. but shark wasn't sure what to build. i'm just so big. it's always hard to find a hiding spot when you're my size. narrator: fortunately for shark, duck wasn't the best counter in word world. 50, four... uh... seven... no, wait, wait. that's not right. okay, i'm-i'm... start over! one, two, three... (bugs clamoring) hi, bugs. what "ake" word are you going to build for your hiding spot? we're building.. a rake. okay, boys, ready? ready. ready. there. i think. the letter r mak
Jan 31, 2013 7:30am PST
had purchased semiauto mat semi auto mat ticks and where the suspect had a german ak 47 and held off 120 police officers for a half hour firing 500 rounds before the swat took him out and prompted the department to go to a standardized weapon just so that we would have a chance. >> that is correct. >> this is a semiauto. also inoperatable. it is one that the police department carries, it is semiauto. you have to pull the trigger every time to fire. thank you. >> it has a magazine, a magazine in the weapon. it holds 12 rounds, and actually the magazine itself for civilian use is not legal in california. only ten rounds are legal. what the officers carry, are a couple of rounds extra than to be legal in california >> a ten round magazine at this time are legal. these are the weapons that the officers carry today on duty, the p229 and 226 are the calibers, or the models. and again, semiauto, when this weapon is fired, these slide comes back and picks up a round out of the magazine, and subsequently fires more rounds but you have to press the trigger every time. any questions on this one
Jan 30, 2013 12:00am EST
wantoge mor lughs fro you. en u in yourcapton ake a lok. >> tke a looatthis picture ofroariodason. look wat i found isuperman's nihtstnd >>nd wit thi beautfu crystaicrophone, rosario awonmisinterpretsiging from herdiaphragm. >> pos yur bstcaption. we'l pic our favorit andread t on friday's show >>> net, las night o"the bachelr" tiara raced her breakingoint. >> she's wortights feather boas and saton large seaty en or crepy photo o his aughter, not so bad. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions. like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. ut cheap sushi, not so good. t's like that super-low rate onnot enough car insurance retty sketchy. ♪ nd then there ar th good decisions. ike esurance their coverage counselor too helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price stomachgrowls ] itout eeling queasy. tht's nsurance for the modern world surance. no backed by allstate. lick or call ♪ dis natio >> lst ngh o"thebachelr" tiar racedhe breakin point. >>no idon' trustanybod here ike, i don't uderstand why n ongetshat. it'slie, sanoying. >> can io? wan tleave.
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm EST
-tah--hev'-ich.../// alleggely pointed the ak- 3 daughter hhd bad grades! 3 pbd were her rades you ask? &pstrriiht a'ss... and instead p... got two "b's!" 3 49-112"i have oohing to ssy about it. i didn't point an ak-47 at myydaughter. that's &pall i can say. did you have an you." according tt ccurt &precords... bartashevitch's worryyaaout him being alone 3 balttmorr countyy... officials... aae takiig big - steps... to... make schooos & safer...../they... lln to ppenn... several millions... on... ewwteccnolooy... and --3 police training ffr teachers. teachhrs.melinda roeder explains - why they say it -still ay not beeenough to pprevent tragedy. couuty execctivv kevin kamentzz calls this new afety plaa is not a cure-all. nothing could haae prevented wwat & happened lass monthhin -3 newtown, connncticut. but these new easures are a start... thht could better prepare teaccer and police. 3 ddscussions about improveing security began back on the fiist day of school... after the noo--atal shooting at -33 perry hhll highhschool.noww.. unveiling a plan they ope
Comedy Central
Jan 17, 2013 11:30pm PST
be fake. that wouldn't have happened them. yes, the whole reason you watch porn is the historical ak race six i'm easy thrown by and ak nix which are all through yankee doodle dandy. the irquois are not with the british. the bead work on her g-string is part of the branch that never gave up loyalty to the british crown. it throws you out of the scene. now you are masturbating to an absurd costume drama like an idiot. makes no sense. bravo paul cambria, jr., for standing up for the freedom of expression as our forefathers instend as seen as in your pands and bend over ben franklin. both 100% historically accurate with no condoms why is why they all die of syphilis.we Êejvzzéwé!úi [cheers and applause] >> stephen: welcome back. my guest tonight has a new book called america's unwritten constitution. he's right the constitution wasn't written. it was dick dated by jesus. please welcome akhil reed amar. thank you. mr. amar thank you so much for joining us. good to see you again. haven't been on the show in a few years. you are one of these east coast ivy league liberal educators, right? y
Jan 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
annihilates with ak-47s. [ gunshots ] >> look at that. >> yeah, i don't see real reason to say that's fake. >> i'm torn. i think it's real because there's no video trickery i can see, but it seems really unlikely you'd have to hit that one specific spot over and over and over again. >> i don't know if they're hitting one specific spot or they're just taking out little portions of it until there's just no bottom left and it topples over. >> the bottom of that is already damaged. if they've already got some structural damage, you shoot it with an ak-47 over and over and over, i think that would cause enough damage. >> i think you just started something. >> real. >> real. >> you're saying no. >> no good. >> there's a flag on the play? >> i'm going to say maybe half real. i think they were shooting at it for sure and hitting it, but i think there might have been some explosives there to, you know, help assist. >> let's move on to video number two. russian mover fail. >> oh, yikes. they didn't even unpack whatever that was. >> it was like hot pockets in the freezer. >> they weren't going step f
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
and no ffeezinggttmperatures, so &pwe'll ake it. it. let'ssgo to chief meteorologist vytas rrid for a look at what's happening now. now. 3 a common sense sentence. theereason the judge gave a convicted man a choice between deaa bodies and jail time. the vice president is takinggon guns. tte plan e's rifles. sand ban certain ccmmon sense says thissis just a cooardly lioo. the aaimal aert that endeddinn vice presidenn joe biden is leading a tass force that is trying toostoppgun violence. violeece. asscraig bbswell explains, they'rr to ban guns that would bypass e- ccngrees completely. completeey. 3 vice resident joe biden hosted the first in a series of high powered and highly emotional meetings in an biden o ead a task force d after the maassshooting of 27 people inccuding 20 - school chiidren at sandy hook says: "eeery once in a whhle, something awakens he that tragic event did t n aad way like nothing i've seen in my career." ednesay's children killed in mass shootings including the movie colorado and suuvivors of the 2007 virginia tech assacre bboader cooversation on this issu
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
'' ... and instead .... got tww "b's!" -3 p 49-102"i have nnthing to say 3 ak-47 at my daughter. that's 3 ak-477 ttat's all pleaae thaak you." you." 3 according to courtt records... bartashevitch's -3&pquick temperr adeehis wife worry abbut him bbiin alone a... 5-year-old for building aagun... out of leggs. 3 joseph - carrosa... is part of an after -33school prrgram. a few days ago,,his parents rrceivee a & letter ssying jjseph was - written up for playingg pnapppopriately. the schooo says if he gets another 3 suspended. joseph'' parents say the schhol is taaknn thingg too far.the prinnipal says thh lettee is part of school policy. but thhisisn't the firstttime jooeph'ssbeen in trouble. áfinngrsá to prettnd to shoot. -3 3 3 puttinn is lifeeonnthe liie for theeultimaae rush. -3 the unreal ideo of an american man iding the planee's biggeet wave. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america. just ask pc mag. [ male announcer #2 ] cable can't touch fios upload speeds. it's hard to ima
Jan 29, 2013 12:00am EST
the is natonacbookpage e'lltake our favorte and rea it ofridy'how. it's poweredby novaton capital. >> i taylo swit aking fo paris? >>swashing a youngerversio o ouwife. >> youal aresosenstive and roantic, i lovit i on't knoho i haven't dat't knd ne of ouguys. >> don'tgoanwhre ther's mre dsh natio in 60 secods i played a round of golfdi in the last five hours then i read a book while teaching mysel how to play guitar ran ten miles whil knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became ping pong master while recordin my debut album how you ask? with 5-hour energy i get hours of energy no -- no crash later. wait to see th next five hours. so if ydead batteryat tire need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7 oh dear, i got a flat tire hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got i right here someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance >> al right,gary wht' gin
Jan 2, 2013 5:30am EST
.the oppooing head coach talks about what will be a kind of omecomiig. paking prreictiins... for 2013. the weather a psychic believes we can expect to see. ((break 2)) 3- for many.... the ssart of the new year is a fun tiie for making's become for us to tuun to psychic &psonia benser to look intt the futuue.heee's what she thhnks ps ahead for us n 2003. 2013. more tiger like this year..."h - outcue: "he seems to agree with."//terror threats/// "our enemies who want to hurt us."outcue: pas well as united states." tc 7:14:55-7:15:13incue: "here we are getting our usual suspects. outcue:"we are going to bb ok." //scaadal//tc 7:16:31-7:17:03 you thought it was safe... to be harged withhhuge corruption."//stemmcells//tc 7:17:18-7:17:39incue: "along phe lines f stem cells i've been feeling for some time... outcue: as time gges on."///fashion// tc 7:15:26-7:15:40incuu: "as heels hiiher, glamooe, glaaore outcuu: "as some peeple will i'm sure." ///ravens// tc 7:18:44-7:19:05incue: "i feel the ravens this year areelike " quite a 7:19:19-:19:33incue:the orioles came very
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am EST
... balttmore county officcals have are hammering out waassto ake schools safer. safer. the pricetag for ll of thoss upgrrdes..- 3 theeman whh allegeely 3 peeforrance enhanccnggdrugs is 3 mitch ross says his system -3 helped ray llwis. 3 33&pin the wake of local and national school shootings... offiiials innballimoreecounty are taking big sstps to booot plan iicludds seveeal million techhology... and training ffr teachhrs. teaccers. (cover witt file vid froo -33 perry hall shooting) 22:25:44 "well on monday, august 27tt,, the very first ddy of this school yeaa, balttmore county up muchhmore quiikly haan expected."the school yyar began with heightened oncernns about securitt....fearr that would later ggow....22:26:42 "ann then ddcember 14 happened."baltimore county officials, educators and ways to maae schools ssfer. for 33point-7 million dollars in pgrades - that'' "on too" of the 2-and a aalfmillionn already bbdgeted for next yeer. electronic ntry system to cameras... will be installed policeeprecinnts and pparol & c
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
admitted they had no idea how many people would show up. it includes a rifle and an ak 47. >> i brought in an the ak. >> really? >> yes. >> i bought it in the clinton era because they were banning assault weapons but this is like, 20 years ago. i've had a change in my fell loss fi about guns. i wanted to get rid of it. =glifornia.w it was illegal in >> what do you think of the ban being proposed? >> i'm for it. >> he told me shootings in colorado and connecticut helped him change his mind. more assault weapons were turned in along with more than one sawed off shotgun. >> any weapons we do take in there is nudge tok said the old lady whose house is burglarized and that gun is stolen that that is not used in a crime next year, next month. or against a police officer. whatever. so we're happy to get it. >> the county district attorney raised $43,000 for this gun buy back. but it's gone now, they're handing out vouchers. >> and those vouchers wile weel attempt to do fund raising. if we can raise funds we'll, through public media get that information out. and people can come in with their vo
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
:27 just about. the virginia lawmaker would took out an ak-47 during a debate over gun control. >>> why the fbi says it's open to making a big trade. >>> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> armstrong's admission. kr this morning some say he is still lying and how his charity responded to the interview. >>> some serious cold air is >>> this morning a local neighborhood on edge. a teenager is shaken but thankful the scary incident that happened as we walked to the bus stop. >>> or used blood transfusion toss enhance your cycling performance. >> wre. >>> lance armstrong's admission. why some are not happy with a tell-all interview. >>> welcome back to "news4 today." >> i'm eun yang. >>> i'm aaron gilchrist. >>> we're keeping an eye on the inauguration day. the tickets are booked. there is a big job about to get under way of the we'll tell you what that is coming up on our newscast. >> it is 6:30. meteorologist tom kierein on the storm team 4 weather deck. in the chill with the chilly forecast. >> a blustery wind out of the northwest. it certa
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
and as kron 4's mike pelton shows usfear of potential record turnout. >> i got some rules for my ak-47. >> ammunition, guns, plenty of it. >> reporter: thousands of people packing the parking lot for the crossroads gun show. >> is crazy like new york city subway. >> is busier than i've ever seen it is packed. the mall lines, long wait to purchase of ammunition. they could even run out. along lines -- >> everybody is stocking up just like the mayana calendar everybody is going to the gun show to purchase bullets. >> organizers say that this should not come as a surprise. >> people are s concerned about their second amendment rights. >> there is a growing fear that new laws could tighten it sells on ammunition to. >> we've never had a crowd like this. >> that concern has people spending lots of money. >> $1,200. >> i know that it was expensive but i am able to hopefully shoot at the range with my children. mike pelton, kron 4. >> remembering 19-year-old alyssa byrne who went missing in lake tahoe. coming up. we'll hear from her father. >> plus, one northern calforniatake a look and see i
Jan 11, 2013 5:00am EST
's aking a budget-friednly smartppone. executive phil schiillr poke outt thursday... sayyng that will quote - "never be the future of apple's proddcts." earlier reports said the tech giant version... to combat slowing sales. coming up... ending the suspect in the colorado movie &ptheater massacre... to trial. trial.theeruling that's beee made in james holmes' case. bth - armed & hypocritical i recently spoke of high- 3 &pprofileepeople wwo are &pcomplete hypocrites when it comes to the gun issue. they &pshoull posssss firearms - eve illegal onns. but nnt you. even some media -- wwo claim to tell you tte truth - are among the hypocrites. nbc's david gregory is the ace of phe ideaaof armed guards at - &pschools. but there are 7 arme guards atthis children's school.on meet the press he broke washington, dc gun laws even aftee dc police denied pprmission to display a banned pas a nationally-syndicated n - washington post columnist whoo argued for guu bans and he said he as justified for handgun - a teenager skinny york journal-news published eww& every register
Jan 11, 2013 5:30am EST
rescindinn my offee to appoint is going to work to ake at least one letterrllgible in order not to debase our currency, should e e confirmed as secretary of the treassry. there are a nnmber of womee who aae being considered for open cabinet positions or psitions thaa include washington gooernor chris gregoire and former miccigan governor jennifer granhoom, but so far nothing is official. brianna keilar, cnn, the white house -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up in our 6 o'clook hour... protecting thh owners... of pit bills. bills.the legislation being considered during the general p 7-year hall of fame career... nearing itssend. what ray lewis has labeled ggeateet aacievement. ((break 3)) this cold season, nasal congestion won't stop me. i made the clear choice. claritin-d. decongestant products on the shelf can take hours to start working. claritin-d starts to work in just 30 minutes. power through nasal congestion fast. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. 3 coming up in our 6 o''lock for the reseerchers... who had been ollowing their pod. [ male announcer ] every day, thousand
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
support safety and ake mental health issues ssriously. they - pledge to work with congress on a bi-partisan bases. but... they also claam that attacking & fireerms and ignoring childrrn it will only aaffct aw- abidinn gunnowners and children will remain vulnerable. 3 gun selllrs weetalked with agree that the president's plans for gun connrol won't have a big impact on ppreventing crime or mass 3 old assault weapons ban that expired years ago because effectivv. they also take issue with the executive order more than 10 bulllts.since ii takes only a secood to switch magaziiee... and reeoad.not surprisiigly though -- thh president's puss for gun cootrol... has been good for pusinnssee... in aassnsee & buyers havv been stocking up on firearms and ammo.... in recorddnumbers. especially thooe so-called assault rifles. 3 <"i have a lot of people... probably 55 in the last month ."> as ii is now - when you purchase a guu leeally, there is an extensivv background check. the forms ask buyers about their mental health, - criminal record, race, gender, & even
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am EST
of ameriians --3 support ban on semi- automatic guns... like the ak-47.that's down from the number of americans who all ggn owners tt register - firearms with local goverrment... droppeddfrom 78- peecent... o 69-percent. wednesdayys poll release comes &pjust hours after president 3 bans on military styye assault weaponn and high-capacity &pmagazines. 3 homeewners facing foreclosure are getting some much nneded relief. reeief. the consumer financial protection bureau has issued new rules for mortgage serviccrs that handle llan modifications and 3 rules now estricts ervicerr from fooecllsing on borrowers -3 seeking llan modificctions. there are also guidelines for issuing clear, straightforward mortgage statements. 3 a neewstudy finds theelower theegrade a student earnn... the more likely parents are to contributt to theer chill's accorddng to esearcc by a university of aliforniaa sociology professor.she says it's surrrising... because -3 parrnts assumeethe more money they givv... the betterrtheir -3 child will perforr in college. 3 3
Jan 18, 2013 5:30am EST
no tiie getting riiht to the pooit with armstrong.yes or no, did you ever ake bannnd substaaces to 3 performance? yes. armssrong said he was doping during all of his tour de france pictories.did it feel rong? at the time??mm-hmm. no. it scary. ann, he said he was a bully.if i diin't like wwat &psomebody said,,and foo whatever reasons in my own head, whether i viewed that ass pomebody being disloyal or a frieed urning on you or whatever, i tried tt control that anddsay that's a lie, they're liars. armstrong refused to answer whee opraa asked him if betsy andrru, wife of armstroog's former telling the truth when she overheard him elling aadoctor he was dooing. if the hospital - room didn't appen, just say it dddnnt happen, but he he won't do it,,because it did 3 texas -- armstrong's home town &p-- had mixed reaction to his admission.i think he's a cheater, you know. i think how elss to say it.personally iithiikkwhatever thee're putting into their body is their choice and i think if everyone's doinggit whoever's the best at it, the bess &ppheater, sh
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm EST
... with an... ak-47.../ repeatedly shooting. 52--00"basically, he opened up and put 15 rounds into my car i which i was shot in the heaa and the leff arm." ssheduled to be sentenccd today... and faces llfe in prison. a missouri man says his pecision tookeep his carr idling while he paid for fuel wound up costing him two vehicles in one day. day..ommy bbrker left his s-u-- rrnning to keep it warm at a gas stttion.but someone ddove off in it.barker called the police and finished hii erranns for the day in another s---v he owns.he was at home doing launnry when the sscond s-u-v dissppeared out of his driveway.barker believes the crook found an eetra set of kkys o the second vehicle inside the first one. perrible.. i on't know who would do that. why would you -- stole one car from the person. ten you come back and victimize them again and take bott their cars." cars." bbrker believes a paycheck &pstub may have also helped the lives.he's now changgng the locks tt his home. phe man... behinddcharlieebrown ...// appears... in a caaifornia courtroom. pourtrrom.peter robbins... with death treat
Jan 28, 2013 5:00am EST
slept about 18 hours, other than whee i needed to eat. & 3 paking aim... at the flu.the pocaa scientists whooare trying toofigurr out what makes us sick... and hhw to stay heelthy.. 3 ((break 22) 3 3 3 this year's flu continues to have a grip on the u-s.the ceeters forrdisease connrol and prevention's newest report says duringgthe third week in january, more than 26 percentt of the nnarly 12-thousand lab ttsts reported nationwide were positive for influenza. althouuh health officials havv a gooddidea of how many peeple have the flu, science till isn'ttexactly sure how we ggt the flu.emily schmidt takes yyu to marylanddlab that'' trying to find the answer answer 3 people gg toosuch lengths to avoid getting theefluu but yyu actively seeking ttose ho've ccuggt it. when universiiy of maryland freshman dominnc ong heard about a campus flu study, 3 this is going to go into your nose and straight back.dominic had a feeling e fit the bill. &pi woke up at am today becaase every time i was getting puuched in the stomach. yesterday iislept abouu 18
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
of supporters. >> you probably don't need an ak-47 to go deer hunting. m at this rally, most feel more regulation is a knee-jerk reaction that will hurt legal firearms owners. >> enacting laws that will make criminals at of citizens is not the right way to go about it. >> i don't think people will just laid down their arms. there will be a fight. >> right now, you don't need a license to own a gun in maryland. they require a background check and seven-day waiting time. the governor said the gun control packages his top priority in his legislative session. it will likely be a heated debate. from the newsroom, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> turning to the weather, these are critical days for some of people visiting town. >> how many layers? that is the import question. steve rudin? >> we have been watching be temperatures all day long in the belfort furniture weather center. they made it into the 50's. they're slowly crawling into the 40's at dulles airport and reagan national. still hanging on to 50 degrees in fredericksburg. in terms of the departure from the average daytime high this t
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am EST
morrissey brought an ak-47 to the house floor. a picture of that weapon making the rounds on twitter this morning. morrissey was trying to urge other lawmakers to vote in favor of banning sales of assault rifles. a legislative panel ended up voting that down. other lawmakers scolded him. he assured his colleagues the weapon was not loaded. >>> maryland's governor is slated to propose measures to make it easier to cast a vote in maryland. according to the post, governor martin o'malley will -- also to allow maryland residents to register to vote and cast their ballots on the same day. the bill faces opposition for republicans in the general assembly. the gop has long fought against similar measures. they say it opens the door to voter fraud. you'll recall in november, a lot of voters in maryland waited in hine for hours to cast their ballots. lawmakers in maryland have come o up with a compromise plan over who is responsible for injuries from dangerous dogs. new legislation would deal with the impact of last year's court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. that decision ma
Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> and a big reward in the hunt for the ak-47 bandit. no secret how he got his nickname. >>> and welcome back, everyone. final numbers are in on foreclosures for 2012. and they show the crisis easing up. reality track says that banks repossessed 671,000 homes last year. that's down 17% from the year before. but some foreclosures have been delayed by new banking rules. and that backlog, it could mean an upswing that we will see early this year. >>> there's a new call to raise the retirement age to 70. it comes from more than 200 of the country's most influential ceos. the business roundtable is packing a plan to raise the enrollment age for social security and medicare to 70, as well as partially privatized health care for seniors. >>> some big changes in jamie dimon's paycheck. the jpmorgan chase ceo is swallowing a 50% pay cut. he goes down to $11.5 million from $23 million. it's a fallout from the bank's $6 billion losses from trading that went bad. but dimon has jpmorgan shares at $263 million. >>> and how is this for an overachiever? a boy in southern california has just become the younge
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
workers using their mobile devices on the job. >> coming up next a company that found a way to ak celebrate the app e >>> the whole worltd moves from computers to mobile devices study suggests a group lagging behind is big company autos abc 7 news is explaining what they're doing to catch up, and what could happen if they don't. >> this synchronize was our servers to pull down the content. >> brad webber showing how to give a sales presentation using an ipad. something done for years, but sales people say they just rather use a tablet. >> it's easy for people to gather around the device to have a more conversational and engaging experience. than they would through power point and lap top. >> if your company had a right app that is great this, study suggests corporations don't. they're struggling to catch up with a change m how they're employees work. >> i tried to call dyod. they're bringing ipad or an droid device or iphone or anything nels. >> the survey of almost 800 executives. 40% said they built zero or one mobile app over the years rmt. >> so today they're trying to develop
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
these very strong gun-control laws, but i still have teenagers with ak-47's on the street. >> california leaders gathered in washington, and tonight they're talking gun control. a live report from d.c. after the break. >>> good evening, everybody. mavericks. it's a green light for sunday. we've got that forecast. plus rain, when it returns to the bay area. the details with the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, the special financing offer ends martin luther king, jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the *public* swearing in is monday. >>> president obama officially begins his second term at noon tomorrow. the public swearing in is on mond
Jan 27, 2013 8:30am PST
's generally an ak-47. you realize that police have had to break into gun stores to get weapons that would be stronger than the adversary they have? do you realize that one up on the of every five law enforcement officers that's killed is killed with an assault weapon? do you need assault weapons? these are weapons that are made to kill large numbers of people in close combat. and what we have found that now with the ar-15 they have a slide stock which you put in. it's legal. and it makes the gun act fully automatic. >> schieffer: let me change the subject just quickly because you are also chairman of the intelligence committee. we've got some bad stuff apparently, going on in mali and other places. you know, a couple of months ago, people were saying we'd basically won the war on terror. how much of a threat do you think terrorism is right now? >> i think it rehans a real threat. i do not believe it has gone away. i believe there's now-- necessary just my belief-- an effort to establish a beachhead for terrorism a joining together of terrorist organizations. i think benghazi was a small s
Jan 12, 2013 5:30am PST
in the can urriculum. you would see ak 47's and it would go through the whole nomenclature of ak 47's and it was k through 3 can urriculum. so the marines would grab that and substitute our stuff, which was focus on reading and writing. of course we facilitated the distribution of korans because this is an islamic country. initially we focused on brick and morter construction, renovation, after about a generation of violence you can beat these schools were destroyed. if we needed to build new ones, we certainly did, but we always made sure the afghans understood they had the ultimate responsibility of maintaining this once we leave. finally, girls in school. as i mentioned, literacy rate was 20 percent. that was country-wide. in southwest afghanistan that literacy rate was women was 8 percent. so you have to work very hard to get an 8 percent literacy rate for women, which means you actually have to stop and implement policies to make sure that women actually couldn't partake in any learning, any health systems, anything that would contribute to their growth. so girls in school
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
storms this evening. a few of those could be strong. we will see more clouds than anything else. today.aks of sunshine high temperatures today will be yesterday, 69. theirs has been a crash. we will go back to the newsroom. -- there has been a crash. the breaking news. is a mess. the east side of the beltway, huge problems. brianne carter is on the scene, on the outer loop of the beltway. what is the situation? >> this is a very active scene along the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. look behind me. you can see the accident investigation continuing. been here on the hours.ore than two accident involving a fire truck. prince or discounted fire and along with a tractor- trailer. whend 2:45 this morning is it occurred. a fire truck was leaving the accident andher the station when was struck by a tractor- trailer. seven people have been taken to hospital. of them, including firefighters, transported to prince george's county. others as well. the fire truck, a tractor- trailer, and another vehicle involved. all three vehicles slipped over accident.t of the officials believe this tracto
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am EST
. > why doyo nee adivorce when you're 82 ou putup with he that log >> yougo smeboy there to ak you a sanwih. why doyou wanttothrow her out? > hewas withhe 23 ears hes illig o give her al ths ony. $9,50 a onh. > how much >> $9,50 a month >> amonth? > settlemen of likehaf a illion dollars and ten30% f evrything hes worth. >>hey,buzz com hre a seond. et me tell you somethig. t's heaper to eep her! >>> om girl courtney cox of "couar town, te show is ctually moving fro abctotbs. she says she'snot going o fous so much o hr fae anmore yo'r goig o se hr boobs on almost every episoe. > oh >>she's 48 years od. >> 48? hes that od? >> courtne cox is 48 she ays she's gettin oder so she ecided a tis pin she'l tae ess ocus o herfae and go on er bdy >> so now that she has made this declaration tht he's goig o how erboobs onevery pisoe, you think oure going to watch the show more? >>i've already made notes. > i already haveitin my hoe. > "cugr town"? you gong to watch it mor, gay? >> n ot fr her and he ceavae. >>okay >>i don't know mybe you hould watch it oucould get inspired. > yeh. aybe ineed t
Jan 4, 2013 6:00am EST
.. -butt and afety of our patients is be. people are entrusted to us to ake suue they get healthy. the law waa enacted a man ho collected social securityydisability benefits whhle working for the agency is sentenced tootwo years in prison.50 year old christophhe perry of baltimore begann receiving the benefits in 1999....but went back to wook later that 2207 he got a job as a benefits authorizer withhthe social security administration... here he worked on long- term disability cases.prosecutors say perry was overpaid more than 150-t housand dollars n benefits. 3 new details in a story you aw firsttoo fox.boycott threats help a pizzaahut driver get his job back. back.samm wicegood was demoted tooa cook aater using a week.but after reciving phone calls from customers business... the company hass agreed to put sam back in thee driver's seat. a fight over a sandwich costt a florida worker his job...and could sent him to jail.a customer called poliie because to kill him for askkng ffr ed ketchup on his cheesesteaa.the worker claims he only said thattbecause the customer mo
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Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
what happened. i thought -- i -- i blacked out in the middle of that and woke up with an ak -- whatever this is. i'm sure i'll get letters about what this really is. which is plastic is what it really is. [ laughter ] it brings us back to the more direct issue of guns. >> gun control doesn't work. >> jon: or not. [ laughter ] i keep forgetting what else? >> we have a mental health system in this country completely and totally collapsed. >> jon: okay, okay. again, 100%. thank you, wayne lapeeer far bringing this up. the mentally ill live on the streets and are in prison. it's up to us to help them find proactive care. this is what we have to address. >> we have no national database of these lunatics. >> jon: or that. or that. [ laughter ] i was going to say compassionate total care of mental illness or lunatic database. although isn't that what the internet is? isn't that a national database. what would be the criteria for the lunatic database? what would you say to get on it? >> americans don't want to be added to that pile of dead people that have been left defenseless by the u.n. poli
Jan 29, 2013 4:00am PST
, pfizer, pharmaceuticals and a.k. steel. and we'll see if amazon weathered the crucial holiday shopping season. i know i spnt a lot. >>> also ahead today, the fed begins its first two-day powwow of the new year. speculation is the central bank will keep interest rates near record lows. >>> on the street monday, bargain hunters scooped up apple stock after it tumbled 14% last week, putting apple back into the most valuable spot ahead of exxonmobil. >>> also back on top, toyota, the automaker retook the title as the world's largest automaker thanks to a 23% surge in global sales last year. >>> general motors announced it's spending millions to upgrade an assembly plant in kansas city where it produces the chevy malibu and buick lacrosse. meanwhile, calling out the pay czar they call executive pay for companies bailed out by the government, including gm, insurer aig and allied financial. >>> and we've all heard that chicken wings are more expensive this year, but come on, a chicken wing black market? two georgia men were arrested for allegedly stealing $65,000 of tyson frozen chicken wings
Jan 17, 2013 4:30am PST
in newtown, some are skeptical. >> please don't tell me in my home i can't choose to have an ak-47, bushmaster, or whatever i think is necessary to defend myself, my family and my home. >> senate democratic leader harry reid says they will likely take up gun control early this year. >>> san jose police have released a new sketch of a suspect wanted for an attempted abduction. take a look at the photo we have here. investigators say this man tried to snatch a 2-year-old girl right out of her mother's arm. the mom was able to wrestle her free and run back inside with her. inside her home she called police. the abduction attempt happened tuesday afternoon at a home in east san jose. the suspect is described as latino, stands 5'6", 20 to 30 years old and has a thin build. >>> another attempted abduction story. this time in milpitas where police say this man tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy inside the great mall. it happened on january 6th. the boy's mother says the man took her son by the hand and started walking away with him. she quickly caught up and took her son back. this man is d
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
,000 for the program. people turned in a sawed off shotgun and an ak 47. >> this is bought on principal. they were banning assault weapons like 20 years ago. i had a change in follow loss fi about gun ootz police department started to hand out vouchers once money was gone. the weapons collected will be melted down and shredded. another buy back will be held next monday. >>' city council agreed to put more police on the streets. oakland faces a shortage of officers, the plan calls for putting sheriff deputies on the streets of oakland, including hiring more crime technicians. and the current class will hit the streets inv9'b>á(2Ñ >> we vnlt had an entry level academy in four years, i hope you can be there. the first time in five years we've held a police academy. we need more than that. >> the chief points out they will work in high crime areas supplementing officers on the job there. >> san francisco police close twror finding a man who kill aid dog. they named this man as a suspect. police say he stole money from a woman, when the dog started wark barking from ini had of the car, police say he
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
robbers, who were armed with ak-47s coming out of a jewelry store. >> find out what they left behind when they made their getaway, and how it all came to an end. several people are stranded after their ship capsized. >> but the helicopter doesn't have the capacity to rescue all these people. >> but they did have -- >> pretty ingenious solution. >> see how they were able to round help from around the sea. >> that's so awe -- >> a rider speeding down the road 2340e69 notices -- >> something's going on up ahead. >> something that will make you say, "holy koala!" >>> plus, some ladies dress down in some do-do. the story why these models are posing in poo, and alone way trombone. ♪ [ laughter ] >> the latest video -- blowing up the internet. >>> you're looking at cell phone footage outside of a busy shopping center near stockholm, sweden. as this cell phone pans over, you notice something quite terrifying. what you're actually looking at is a police shoot-out outside of this busy shopping mall at lunch time on a busy shopping day. these plain-clothed police officers are actually shooting at
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
, and he's preparing to try to jump from one beam to the xt.ak prop safety precautions of moving the couch below in case he falls. >> i've got to see how this ends. >> aim for the couch. >> oh! >> it's even better. >> i thought he was going to jump like leapfrog. y didn't know he was going to try to catch it like a hard core guy. >> i thought the same thing. >> that girl had zero concern, too. shep wad like, oh, he just came crashing down. >> lands on the arm of the couch. the most painful part of the couch he could have landed on. >> what happened to pushing him into the couch? >> the guy didn't want to wait. the time is now. i'm going to do the stupid stunt. >> aim for the couch. >> oh! >>> this guy, he's playing goalie. >> are we ready? >> a goalie with no skates. no big leg pads. >> that's right, steven. he's missing some stuff, because he's not really a goalie. watch what happens. >> ladies and gentlemen, we give you playing goalie for the first time from -- >> that is captain nathan leggris. he's been in afghanistan seven months with the minnesota national guard. his family had no id
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